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NAR Homepage Improvements

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NAR Homepage Improvements

We know that you come to to get information and complete tasks quickly. Our new homepage is designed to help.

  • Focused: With our new roles-related section, core audience groups can leap to their task-based links quickly.
  • Easier to read: We’ve increased legibility with larger headings, larger text, and more white space between lines.
  • Streamlined: No need to worry that you’ve miss the most important things going on in the association. Instead of five different homepage slide shows, we now have one.
  • Flexible: New flexible boxes will allow us to promote special content and member offers in eye-catching and relevant ways.
  • Mobile-friendly: The homepage is fully responsive, and works as well on your mobile phone as it does on your tablet or laptop.

We welcome your feedback on the new homepage. Contact us and let us know what you’d like to see in upcoming revisions.