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RIF Properties buys real estate. All kinds of real estate!


Do any of these describe your situation?

– A bankruptcy is forcing you to sell your house in maryland NOW.
– Your divorce forced you to sell your baltimore property.
– Making payments on two houses and need a solution.
– Your property is vacant.
– You are tired of being a real estate landlord.
– You need to stop foreclosure in baltimore.
– You have an estate to settle.
– You have a major property repairs and may not sell very fast.
– You have lost your job recently in maryland.
– You need to relocate for your new job.
– You are facing financial difficulties in Baltimore, MD.
– A life situation has caused you to relocate from or into maryland.
– Oh, and let’s not forget… Your MD real estate agent is failing to sell your house fast or find a buyer soon enough.
– You may have to bring cash to closing because of little equity.