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Here’s how to ring in the New Year and still get to bed before midnight

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Here’s how to ring in the New Year and still get to bed before midnight

For kids (and some parents) on New Year’s Eve, 12 o’clock is only a number. At least those who subscribe to Netflix. NFLX, -0.62%

The streaming service has offered kids’ New Year’s Eve countdowns since 2014. This year, they became available Dec. 28 and include 10 new countdowns featuring characters from animated series “Word Party,” “Puffin Rock,” “Luna Petunia,” “Beat Bugs,” “All Hail King Julien” (a spinoff of the movie “Madagascar”), “Skylanders Academy,” “Trollhunters,” and the non-animated “Project Mc2,” the “Full House” revival “Fuller House” and “Chasing Cameron,” a series about the social media star Cameron Dallas.

The thought behind the offering: Rather than having kids stay up and watch the New Year’s Eve countdown in real time, parents can choose a family-friendly countdown and put it on whenever they want, and even get to bed early themselves. In fact, the peak viewing hour for the countdowns on New Year’s Eve of 2015 was 8 p.m. (local time, wherever consumers were viewing.)

Streaming gives parents control “whether that means celebrating at 9 p.m. and then lights out, or ringing in the New Year over and over again,” said Andy Yeatman, the director of kids’ content for Netflix, in a statement. “I have three young daughters, so for us, that means celebrating three times with three different countdowns they get to choose.”

For those not planning on streaming an early countdown, Ryan Seacrest will host for ABC from Times Square in New York City, including a performance by Mariah Carey. Carson Daly will host on NBC, with a performance from Alicia Keys. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin will host on CNN, which will feature a performance by Keith Urban.

Parents may want to cue up some shows or another quiet activity for the kids on Jan. 1 as well while they recover from their own countdowns, particularly if they got a babysitter or invited friends over the night before. New Year’s Day is known as “the Super Bowl” of the hangover industry.